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Join our Leadership Team

If you have been volunteering with CYIA for a few years, it may be time to look into more opportunities that we offer to our experienced students. Whether you can sing, play an instrument, share a devotional, encourage others, or dress up in a funny costume there is a place for you!

Worship Team

This is a team for anyone who wants to use their musical training or talents in God's service. This team leads our group worship time and prayerfully chooses songs of praise for us to sing together.

Creative Team

This team brainstorms new ways to grab children's attention and engage them in the club time. They work together to foster fun and energy packed content for our clubs. This team is also responsible for keeping training fun with skits, songs, and fun games.

Scheduling Assistants

You may not see them but this part of our leadership team works behind the scenes to make sure that we have club locations to go to. They communicate with daycares, drivers, and students to help make each club week effective for the gospel's sake.

Student Coaches and Student Assistants

This team is full of some of our most seasoned students who have a passion to help equip new students to share the gospel. Be expecting encouragement from them whether it's in an online coaching session, during one of our training weekends, or a phone call and personal note in the mail. They are here to help keep you on track during pre-training and answer any questions you may have about the application process.

If you are interested in being part of our leadership team, please contact our local CYIA coordinator for details. Our leadership application for 2023 will open in November.

2023 Team

Our full team will be announced in the spring of 2023


Mary Kate Hall

Assistant CYIA Coordinator
Mary Kate has been serving with CYIA in the CEF Sandhills Chapter since she was 12 years old. God has used her time in CYIA to give her a heart for reaching children in her community with the gospel. For Mary Kate, there is nothing more amazing than being used by God to point children to His salvation. Her favorite part of CYIA is the fellowship she has with other young people who are excited to serve God.

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