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A variety of options for your church…

Child Evangelism Fellowship of the Sandhills is serious about training believers to effectively evangelize and disciple children. We offer a variety of options for your church including customized on-site training.

Training options include:

  • Teaching a Bible lesson - This class includes how to teach both lost and saved children within the same classroom.
  • Counseling a child for salvation - This class includes clear instruction on how to share the message of salvation with children in an understandable way so that they can make personal decisions regarding the Gospel without any form of pressure or coercion.
  • Teaching a memory verse or song
  • Classroom management
  • More

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost the church?

CEF Sandhills does not charge for our services. We simply come and train.

How does CEF fund this ministry?

We believe God provides funding for His ministry. We trust God’s people and churches to give to our ministry as He leads them.

What time frame is needed to set up a training time?

We are very flexible when working with local churches to coordinate and schedule training events.

Can you tailor the training for our needs?

We offer a variety of topics and will work with the church to meet the needs you have.

How many trainers do you bring?

A normal training team would usually consist of at least 2-4 staff.

Does CEF Sandhills provide training materials?

We do provide notes for the training and other items.

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